Saturday, 4 April 2015

Support Your Friends...

The sooner our friends realize we don't control our hearts the better.. And most of the time, everything that you see wrong with the people we are in love with, we see them too. And they are our greatest fears. The things that make us lose sleep at night. The things that make us lose our appetite.. Instead of you to keep on reminding us that the people we are in love with are bad for us, why not just save that energy for when we are finally able to admit it to ourselves, when we need a shoulder to cry on.
Be supportive for now. You don't have to encourage us, or even sing praises of the subject of affection.. You can just sit and listen to us talk about him, be happy for us, smile with us. And when it is time to cry with us, saying "I knew it wouldn't work out" will be a very bad idea. Because real FRIENDS support you no matter what. Real FRIENDS stand with with you in the rain and in the sun.
Real friends don't tell you to stop loving someone because they know you have no control over your heart.. And if it doesn't work out, so be it. We win some, we lose some. But, someday when they're ready, you'll laugh about it together. That I am very sure of.

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